Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thoughts on the new look Avs...

Quick Tuesday morning blog...

Sad to see JML go and wish the Avs would have gotten a bit more for him in the trade.

Love the Landeskog and Siemens picks.

Jan Hejda - solid signing.  He'll add more size and provide leadership to the D core.

Chuck Kobasew - Former 1st round pick and didn't cost the Avs much.  Not expecting the next Mueller or Fleischmann, but maybe he'll stay healthier than those two have in the Burgundy and Blue.

Semyon Varlamov trade - At first I thought the Avs overpaid to get him, but after Washington's bargain basement signing of Tomas Vokoun (the Avs initial target), I think the Varlamov acquisition was a good one.  Vokoun's signing proved that the Caps do not have faith in their remaining two goalies (Neuvirth and Holtby) and that McPhee and Boudreau do not handle their goalies well at all.  Best of luck to Sacco with Varly!

Giguere signing - Love it.  Always been a fan of Giguere.  He's still got some gas in the tank and he'll make an excellent mentor for the young Varlamov.

Sad to see Boods go, but it was time.  Best of luck to him in Montreal.

I wasn't a huge fan of Varlamov before, but like I said, I don't think the Caps handle their goalies well. Like 2 years ago, when Jose Theodore had a solid season and was benched after 1 game in the playoffs. Hopefully Varly will justify the Avs' faith in him!

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  1. I like the moves. Some really good young talent. I'm not a huge fan of Varlamov but he's got some skills and will hopefully stick around a long time because of his youth. I really like the Giggy pickup. He may have already seen his best days, but his experience will be valuable as a backup and mentor to the young Varlamov.